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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Be part of "The Collective"

What the heck's "The Collective?" Well, here's the concept...

To use this Calendar to its full potential, I have the ability to allow individuals to add events to the Calendar. Anybody with an e-mail address can be given permission to add or edit events. There would be no membership required or associated fees.

Here's what I propose. I could give permission to County, City, and Town Government PR folks as well as legitament event organizers like Universities, Colleges, Annual Event Organizers, etc., to list events themselves. Yeah, I know. It takes a lot of the work away from me. Darn it!

Actually, it would free my time up to concentrate on listings that I won't allow to be part of "The Collective." And who would this be? Transient types. Bands, Solo performers, Bar Owners, etc. These will continue to be e-mailed in or gleaned from other media.

It would also insure that your community events are listed. As an individual, I can only keep track of so much. I'm sure there's tons of stuff out there that I don't have listed. The ability for everyone to work as a "collective" will help to insure the most complete listings are available for tourists and yes, even the commonfolk. It also keeps all of the listings in one spot instead of scattered all over the place. Much easier for people to find out what's going on where.

Obviously there needs to be some sort of "authentication." So here's how I think it can be done.

If you would like to become part of "The Collective", obviously you need to be in one of the NY or PA Counties encompassed within the Twin Tiers.

Send me an E-mail, Subject Line: Collective.

Include the Name of the organization, full physical address (no PO Boxes), the phone number of THE RECEPTION DESK, and the name of the person that will be making the listings. I'm not gonna say how I'll do the authentication, but if everything's copastetic, you'll be added to "The Collective" A follow-up e-mail will be sent to the lister with a welcome message and guidelines for adding events.

Go ahead, be part of "The Collective."

Sunday, August 2, 2009


How to use the Calendars

The Calendar is very easy to use. You can select various views in the upper right hand corner of the map. Day, Week, Month, 4 Day, and Agenda. Depending on how loaded a date is the Agenda View may be the easiest.

If you're viewing the Calendar in Month view, you will see various events listed. Clicking on an event will bring up a small window with details of the event. There is also a Map link in the details window. Clicking this link will give you a Google Map of the event location. You can also get directions to the event from that map! In some cases the mapped location may not be 100 % accurate and "ballpark" only! This is due to the submitted info not providing a specific address for the event. I make an attempt to get them right but sometimes just can't without a specific address. When this occurs I place a note saying that the Map may be incorrect.

Also in the Month View you may see something like a +5, this means that there are 5 more events buried in this particular date. Clicking the +5 will bring up a little box listing all of the events on that date. Clicking an event in that box will bring up the details.

One little quirk I've run into and apparently can't get around, is the ability to provide linked web addresses in the Event Descriptions. This is a limitaion of the calendar. However, clicking the "More Details" link at the bottom of the event description box will give you another full page, complete with a map and yes, clickable links. Go figure!

Please see the Submission Info area at the bottom of the page for submission instructions.

Thanks for stopping by! Please feel free to e-mail me with your comments or suggestions.


Submission Info

I am a musician and recording engineer and love live music.
If you're in a Band or a Solo performer playing live Gigs and would like your Gigs to be listed here, I'd be more than happy to list them. If you send me Press Packs, I may even run a "Featured Band/Performer of the Week" Post.

I'm not a big fan of Bar DJ's. I won't go to a bar that has a DJ. I will, for the sake of Tourism, list DJ Gigs in the Twin Tiers area. They will not get the same treatment as Live Performers however. I'll make the listing but that's about it.

I will also be happy to list non-music related events that may be occurring within the Twin Tiers area. Things like happenings at State Parks, Festivals, "Old Home" days, Town Carnivals, etc. Please send your listings, Press Packs, and Photo's to twintiersentertainment@gmail.com
Please have your submissions in at least two weeks prior to the event if possible.

Please include the full address of the Venue or Event for Mapping purposes. Incomplete address info will result in incorrect maps, making it hard for people to find your event location and directions to it.

Bands and Performers, please indicate the Genre of the Music you perform.

Driven1 - Admin